Try 1000 Times In 1000 Ways

Beware of confusing your vision with your strategy.
Don’t forget that the strategy must always be at the service of the vision. And it must change 1000 times if needs be.

And if you have the conviction in your vision and the stamina to try 1000 rounds to get there, make sure that each round counts. Make sure that each round carries a lesson to the next round.


First, keep track of your decisions. Compare the “before and after” of each decision. For instance, do not fall in love with a marketing idea and a good sounding slogan. Stay focused on the goal of the marketing strategy. Make sure you change one thing at a time in each campaign. Then observe the impact of that change on your sales.

Second, and in order to be able to try 1000 ways, you must always make calculated decisions. No decision should carry so much risk that it wipes you out, or dries up your budget. In this case, whatever lesson you have learnt cannot be applied to the next round, as there will be none!

Third, know that you will have set backs and the solution could well be in the 1001st strategy!

Don’t be like those who F. Nietzsche talked about when he said ‘Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal’.