It hasn’t been the easiest few months, definitely challenging… Walid makes you look at things very differently… Before working with Walid I felt like I was treading on water… After working with Walid, I have seen some huge changes in my business… Working with Walid has been [one of] the greatest things I could have done for my business.

  • - Sarah Humphries
  • Director-Sarah Humphries Agency

I have an online marketing agency and I am passionate about processes and growing my business and thought I was on the right track, until I met Walid….

Walid has a piercing insight that showed me in plain and simple terms where I could create more efficiency in my business and more importantly deliver greater customer satisfaction by improving their overall customer experience not just delivering the result they wanted.

My process development journey with Walid was not purely about flow charts and checklists. He has shown me how to adapt my pricing, staff, resources and goals to my processes. I empowered my staff to define the jobs and roles and made them a major part of the process development. They became excited by the idea they could make a real difference within their own workflow and in-turn achieve their own goals like bonuses and personal development.

Walid has a calming and assuring nature which is a great asset when it comes to training and development. He will apply pressure when needed to ensure the job is done and motivate your staff to get involved and stay active.

  • - Joel Maloney
  • Managing Director- The Defectors

[On streamlining proposals and pricing]… clients have made comments on how much they love the ease and flow of our proposals. We find the client can easily read through it without us and have received great feedback to date. We have also had clients ask us to design their proposals, so it has resulted in work for us! A wonderful result.

  • - Maria Bellissimo-Magrin
  • Belgrin

Walid really opened up our eyes to where the weaknesses were in our business model. He then set us on the right track to improve and expand our business, with achievable steps to reach our goals.

  • - James Morris
  • Sydney Central Locksmiths

I was very impressed with Walid’s approach … well structured and there was a purpose, with a summary and tools to handle certain situations at the end.  Not a lot of business coaches are able to top that!  This is my kind of coaching.

  • - Melanie Macfarlane
  • MMMigration

…I left the meeting with much more clarity on the processes we must create for both our company and our clients. It’s amazing how clear Walid’s suggestions are and how easy they are to apply to one’s business. I look forward to our next session.

  • - Maria Bellissimo-Magrin
  • Belgrin

I find Walid’s Focus Strategy session extremely helpful. I learnt that whilst having big dreams is important, it is about how to strategise and focus on baby steps that get you across the line.

  • - Jay
  • Runway Pooch

I walked away [from the Focus Strategy Session] with a clear mind of what I want to achieve over the next 12 months in my business and how to get there in measurable targets.

I really liked the way he lets you imagine and think [in his Focus Strategy Session], then straight away takes you to the ground to act immediately on an action plan.  Amazing!

I have been involved with a number of business consultants that seem to highlight what my business issues are but never seem to give me a step by step solution to how to resolve it. Credit to you to be able to quickly quantify the problem and have a plan of action that is straight forward and effective with measurable results. Again I would like to thank you for your help and look forward to working with you on other areas of our business.

Walid’s professional approach on how to advance our business was well received. By giving strategic ideas and handy advice on key areas, it left us confident to know that we are in good hands for the future.

  • - Maria
  • Elegant Gift Packaging

Being a Small Business owner it’s difficult to adjust to changes (after all, we think we know what’s best for our business!!),
But after listening to Walid and his approach to new ideas, has made me appreciate that there are new simple systems and techniques that can be implemented to allow us to work more effectively & be more productive.

Walid is very professional in his approach to Business coaching, and his understanding of Small Business and its unique problems is spot on. I look forward to forging ahead in the future with confidence.

  • - Vera
  • Elegant Gift packaging

“Walid has been guiding us personally & professionally for the past few months. We attribute our refocus, strategic direction and consequential revenue growth during this period to him.

Walcott Enterprises was founded on providing products and services to our clients. The core focus was spread over several areas and business groups. The business was increasingly reliant on one person, the CEO.

Walid demonstrated that the business could have several groups all running independently and profitably to allow growth and accountability of staff.

Walid, in his understated and empathetic manner, quite simply helped us to understand ourselves and that the business should really be an extension of ourselves He opened our eyes to the opportunities we have at our fingertips with existing clients and numerous inefficiencies.”

We now have a clear direction and more opportunities than ever before, the future is so much brighter now.”,

  • - John Walcott
  • Walcott Energy

“If you are a business or company owner, then Univero is the answer to achieving your goals. With the use of Clear Thinking, Walid assisted me to identify the hurdles before I reached them. There were no longer obstacles in my way and my business and I were able to move forward smoothly. I would recommend Univero Business Coaching to anyone who is in business and has a vision to excel in all their endeavours.”,

  • - Berna Nakhle
  • De Soie

“Walid provides an outside perspective that you just can’t get when you’re stuck in the daily grind of day to day business. He is highly analytical and can help problem solve your most difficult logistical challenges”.

  • - John
  • Destech


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