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Is Your Business A Beauty?

Is your business beautiful? Yes beautiful.

Imagine giving a visitor a tour of your business. You are showing her how your business r…

Perspective Is Everything

In my last post for this year I want to take you far away from your business, your family and all around you for just a few moments. I …

The Power Of Incentives

U.S. psychologist Barry Schwartz refers to an experiment in Switzerland in 1990’s when the government planned to run a referendum on …

KPIs= Kill Powerful Initiatives?

They usually stand for Key Performance Indicators but I have seen enough damaging KPIs to warrant the other acronym.
What are they goo…

It Takes Three To Tango

Put anyone of this trio ahead of the others in your business:


and I guarantee your busi…

Focus Groups Can Shift Your Focus

You already know that Reality TV has nothing to do with reality. People who know they are being watched (by millions!) act differently….

Your Business Is A Walk In The Park

Last week, I had the privilege to participate in the Oxfam 100km Trailwalker 2012, a gruelling global fundraising event against poverty…

Let Me Show You How It Works

Can you say this to anyone visiting your business, and then actually walk them through your business workflow? Would a new employee (or…

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